Podcast on CPS Corruption


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CPS Corruption & Kidnapping of our Children

Ive been doing a lot of research on Cps and the money scam they’ve got going on.

In face, thousands across the country are getting together to file a civil lawsuit on this crime.

They are kidnapping children at alarming rates. And its time to take a stand.

Thousands of families across the county are making this happen and soon there will be a complete overhaul of Child Protective Services in ALL states and a lot of parents will be getting their children back.

So if you come across this blog and you have been researching the scam they’ve been running for years, do your homework. There are several groups out there to get involved in. They need your information to include in the suit. 

There are hundreds of lawsuits being files across the country and it will all be crumbling down soon. I cant wait.

i will be fighting with them.

Brad Pitt giving his kids Coke

Ok, so not really but almost.

Bradd Pitt admitted in an interview given by “Inside the Actor’s Studio” for an upcoming episode.


“Listen, I admit there’s times like, ‘We gotta get up. Get up! Here’s your shoes. Here’s your shoes. Drink this Coke. Drink this Coca-Cola. Drink it all. Right now! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!’ Just so we could get ‘em up and going,” Pitt tells James Lipton in an upcoming episode of “Inside the Actor’s Studio.”

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/brad_pitt_parenting_tip_coca_cola_GJ5XjQB5q8bRX19xxFu9KL#ixzz1lEuHdZXQ

Now…. if that was just another normal couple , Children Services would be at their door.
Milk will do Brad, kids have a natural alarm clock. Obivously you need some parenting classes.

Just sayin…