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~ Its Tax Time, Folks! ~

It NEVER occurred to me after my 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th child, that they would bring me a pretty hefty tax refund at the beginning of each year. Never.

In fact, I always let my ex husband claim my first child and then my current father-in-law, who recently retired from the S.W.A.T. team, claimed my other 3 children so he didn’t have to pay so much in taxes. That was nice of me wasn’t it? Yeah. I thought so too.

I just started claiming my kids last year after 16 years. The ONLY reason I did was because I was about to lose EVERYTHING. So one night last winter, after a very crappy Christmas, I sat up late and just thought about any and every way to make money. Then it just dawned on me.

It was tax time. [Insert Slobber]

I immediately emailed my mother-in-law (we don’t speak) on January 1st 20010 to let her know I was claiming them for that year so the FIL would know. I filed online and within 10 days I had the money and my problems were solved….temporarily.

It was a huge relief.

Somebody wasn’t so happy for me though. When my father in law went to file they told him the kids’ SSN’s had already been claimed.

No big deal right? NO! This crazy Mother In Law was nice enough to forewarn me that they claimed the kids anyway and I would have to go to court over it!!! WHAT kind of MIL does that to her grandchildren?? I don’t know if she thinks she’s getting at ME by doing this? But she’s not. I was late on my rent, car payment etc.. I TOLD her ahead of time that I was filing.

“I didn’t get any emails.”


Vindictive is her middle name.

When I filed on the 5th this year, all I could think about was how I helped them out for 4+ years and the word ‘REJECTED’ from the government being emailed to me. And I’m just as hard up for moolah now as I was last year. The economy sucks!

Luckily, it was accepted just tonight, but now I’m faced with the fact of possibly getting audited in the next few years and having to go to court over her issues and my taxes which scares the hell out of me. I’ve never done anything wrong with my taxes. I would win in court too. Its just her way of putting me through hell.

I almost want to believe they didn’t really do it and she has just been making those comments so I’d let them claim my kids this year.
Either way, I lose in the end.

I no longer have a good relationship with my MIL [em][which happened before the tax deal][/em], my kids will never see her and I having fun together and no Holidays at the in-laws.

The moral to this story is:
Don’t discuss your taxes with anyone but a professional, like H&R Block (that’s who did mine and they were great). It will only hurt someone in the long run…if you’re me.

I did e-file on Jan 14th, it was rejected, corrected and refiled on the 17th and accepted on the 18th.

I’ll update as to when I get my refund for all those wondering how long e-file takes. Happy Taxing!

Studio or No Studio?

Yes, I rented a studio. In February.
Since then, HVAC, a bathroom, a parking lot and electrical wiring was supposed to be done. In the meantime, I’m waiting. Patiently.
I’m beginning to think it isn’t a good idea just yet.
My studio is just sitting there crying “Fix me!”. And nothing is being done.

It’s getting warmer outside. I’d much rather be outside than inside anyway.
Maybe I’ll wait on the whole studio thing.
I’ve already had my business line transferred to my house and I’ve taken what things I could out of it so I could use.
No sense in having it if it’s not being used.
I wish I would have known this in advance, before I told the realtor I wanted it.

Thank God I haven’t signed a lease yet.
Yeah…I think outside is better than inside. 🙂
Maybe one of these days it will be sunny and I can take some pretty pictures for my followers! 😀


Future Bridal Photoshoot

She was actually quite calm considering her wedding is just around the block, like 20 years from now. Very brave girl 🙂