What mother doesn’t call her own son and wish him a happy birthday.

And don’t use the “I don’t know what number to call or you didn’t answer. There’s voice mail and text.


How can a mother do that to her son. The past few days I’ve had to console him.

He’s devastatd. 7 days later and he’s still heartbroken.

Thanks, I’ll take it from here.

Karma. Karma. Karma.

God I hopee she doesn’t do to Serth what she did to Rick when he was growing up…

So many tings Ive heard that I can’t believe she did and her husband for that matter.

When my kids come home to me, we’re moving the hell out of Ohio.

@CourtneyStodden “R” Rated Twitter

I apologize for not posting anything in the last week or so. I had a badddd case of anxiety that crept up on me right after my last post. When I have a anxiety attack, it usually only lasts for 1 day. However, this one lasted for a week straight. I can’t even think straight when panic sets in. No sleep. No social life at all. So for the last week, I’ve been holed up in my house, feeling like a turd.

One thing I wanted to address…

@CourtneyStodden turned 17 the other day.

Wow. I got on her twitter and it’s like reading a mild porn magazine.

Take a look at some of her tweets! It makes ya feel guilty just reading her shit because she’s under age!

As a white-knit over-sized sweater softly drapes over every curve of my body, I gracefully float through the flowery fields of California…
Had a bodily breakfast in bed this morning; It was so tasteful… Just like sweet syrupy pancakes completed with a lush creamy filling. Yum!
Cooking up a delicious delicacy with my dashingly-desirous-Doug. The kitchen is going to smell so savory when we place it in the oven… 😉 Sweetly fetching a tasty bone to my precious lil’ pink pooch Bazaar out back, as the sultriness of the day gently begins to heighten. Mmm…
Had such a divine day in Newport Beach. Winding it all down now by alluringly blowing bubbles as I openly lie inside of a steamy bath… ;-x
Drenched within a very sensuous Sunday morning! God Bless! “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3
Wrapping this very delightful day up now by unleashing every one of my physical fantasies unto the fall of the night. Sweet dreams! 😉 XOs
 Just got back from Hollywood Highland’s Sweet Candy Shop & Coffee Bean! Mmm, has my sweet tooth got me licking my lips lustfully or what?!
Embracing this heavenly hike that I am on w/my pretty-in-pink pooch Bazaar as I taste the spices of the sun on the tip of my tender tongue.
Had such a Thirsty-Thursday; I just might have Doug moisten my mouth tonight with his delectable drink? Mmm… Now that’s tempting… 😉
It’s almost illegal to read her twitter.
Oh well. Here’s a link to Google Images so you can see the latest.