My Review of Uber!


Oh my gosh why didn’t they think of this sooner?

I had my first ride with Uber on August 31, 2014 and I didn’t pay a dime. I was picked up in a very nice Mercedes and my driver Ernie was super nice.

Had I known about this a long time ago, I would have saved sooo much money. They are less expensive than a taxi service and much cleaner. Taxis usually stink and the drivers are usually rude. I will never take a taxi again. Uber forever.

Need a ride?

Don’t call a taxi!

Uber is less expensive and a much cleaner and personable ride! Plus, you can get your first ride FREE!
Just click this link to claim your free ride! No scam, just a free ride in a really nice car with a super nice person and SAY NO TO TAXIS! THEY STINK!

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Paul Walker Death: Dont get me wrong…

….but I’ve seen more media coverage on him than I have the 4 people who lost their lives in NY on the train derailment. Or the death of 2 young children at the hands of their own father.

I’m getting really upset at what the media calls entertainment news.

Just yesterday The Wheel Of Fortune used a puzzle with the answer ‘The Fast And The Furious’.

The media continues the use the term ‘Death Car’.

Its getting so disgusting how they are trying to make a buck these days.

Tweet from The Associated Press (@AP)

The Associated Press (@AP) tweeted at 10:03 AM on Tue, Dec 03, 2013:
BREAKING: Prison consultants conclude Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro hanged himself in prison in suicide.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to say HTG to my readers.

Have a great day 🙂

* In a Third World Country, Far, far away…*

There lived a bunch of whiners.
Oh wait…some of you are Americans.

In response to a post from a few years ago regarding eLance, this post is for all the people who are whining or getting offended by my American slang. LOL

Why don’t you take some precious time out of your day and bitch at these folks in America as well, since they are obviously just as “ignorant” and “lazy” as I am…not. Jeesh, some people really ARE ignorant.

Here you go…whine away:

Finding Far Away by Lisa Wade

A Home Far Away From Home

A Country Far Away by Nigel Gray

MY definition, of a third world country, as an American IN  America is; a poor country. And slang is; a country that is really far away.

Go ahead and call my country a twc because in all honesty, that is what we are becoming if you want to talk economically, we already are or if you’re a billion miles away from us.

Really, I wont get offended. Its your right to freedom of speech, in America anyway. 🙂

Its my blog. If you don’t like my language or my definitions or my American slang…KISS MY ASS 🙂

Smash Book


I did some serious cleaning today and I’m exhausted now. When I finally sat down I started messing around with my Smash Book by K&Company. Have you ever seen those? They’re really cute. I love scrapbooking but my attention span is about as long as Kim Kardashians marriage to Kris Humphries. 

Here is a SmashBook.


If you like ScrapBooking you’ll like these 🙂

It’s just a fancy scrap book, but the pages are really cute and there are maybe 5 different themed books right now. The one I am working on is the “Mod” black one. I love it so far. I also have the pink one. I’m ADD so I work with both of them. LOL

When I finish one, I’ll post a video of it. I need more ideas so I can keep busy for one day. I just realized how popular Smashing really is! I also just found out there are a lot of links online for ideas so I’m going to be a busy girl tonight!

Here are some links for Ideas:

Happy Smashing! ❤

its snowing outside!