Dear Ryan Seth and Ryli…

First I want to apologize that your FB page is no longer up because someone in your family (dads side) reported it.

I had written to you guys almost daily. I posted pictures to include you in OUR life unlike that side of the family. I said happy birthday to each one of you every year. All that is GONE. any time I thought of you I wrote to you. It’s gone. They don’t want you to know we think of you. I’ve called several times and I never get a call back. There’s nothing we can do my babies. That side of the family are very vindictive. I’m going to post a voicemail that Becky left THREE TIMES. I’ve never in a million years hurt that women or have I hurt your grAndma. But they hate us because we don’t live like kings. There is so much I’m going to tell you here. And they can read it. They’ve punished us for things I write about here.

I have to go now. I’m going to cry for a few then have dinner.



We were told not to put this online by mama’s or else we’ll never get another picture. But this is the first we’ve gotten from them in a year. I want to show you off. I don’t see why we can’t.




Ryli you always walked around with your blanket over your head lol


Ryan 2yrs old 4th of July … mama knows that’s my favorite holiday with you guys but she won’t let us come to the fireworks or anything. It’s been 5 years since we’ve spent a holiday or birthday with you guys… you know why? F2f Hey claim your daddy stole food from his own mother’s house. FOOD!!!!
This is what we deal with. She doesn’t think about if you’re hurting. She thinks about US hurting because that’s what she wants.

Hope whoever did that to the kids on FB is happy with theirself. Karma … I believe. When they know the truth it will backfire. We’ve done nothing to deserve you keeping our kids out of our lives.

And Becky… I’m not corrupting your nephew, I hate to be the one to remind you… he was corrupted when he left home and has been since. He d out d everything he did on his most of the time I didn’t even know so you can stick f2f hat hypo th hrs is up h our ass.. And why do you think a child who could have anything he wanted would walk away from that? Figure it out, “you fucking bitch.” That’s what you called me on the voicemail I’m going to post. And worse! So I was just mocking you because I don’t care if youre a bitch or not. You’re not in my life thank god. ..  But I won’t wish you to die like you did to me. That will get you into he’ll which you were probably already going. You can’t even keep your sisters in your life. Just sad your whole family is so dysfunctional but try to play house. My kids k Mmmmm ow who really love them and money can’t buy it.

Speak Your Peace!

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