if you only knew

my husbands family hates me. That’s ok. They’ve hated all the girls he’s been with until they split up and then they’re best friends. but we’ve been together for 20 years. I’ve taken care of him for 15 years.

his aunt has a hatred like no other for me. She’s telling my hub that she’s seen video of me sucking dick and eating pussy lol. so untrue. she told him she knows something so traumatic that she can’t tell him because he’d  kill me. lol my husband knows everything I do and everything about me.

it blows my mind how much his family hates me. I’ve done nothing but love their son, nephew etc. I’ve done nothing but love his family even tho its not mutual.

so all I  can say is…I love him. and that’s all that matters. what I do to take care of him is no ones business because no one is helping us. his whole family has turned their backs on him, BROKEN his heart INTO TINY LITTLE PIECES and they expect him to leave me? FAT FUCKING CHANCE.
Dream on….


Speak Your Peace!

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