I used to love Christmas

But without my kids,  it means nothing to me anymore…

Everyone says ” well why don’t you call them more often?  Why don’t you see them more?”

Well… Nobody understands how hard it is on us and i’m sure the kids and his mother when we call them. It takes a toll on us so hard it takes us 2 days to recover & get back to normal.  It’s heartbreaking. It kills us. We only get 2 minutes each on the phone and its really hard to have a conversation in 2 minutes.

It’s also very hard on rick that he doesn’t have a mother to love.  He understands she doesn’t like me.    But she IS his mother.  And those are our kids. He can’t stand the thought of calling only to get treated like an outcast. Mother’s should love their child.  Even if they think he took some shrimp.

They should always be there for there child no matter how many times he done things wrong or even burnt bridges.  That’s what unconditional love is… But for him,  he no longer exists.  And it’s torn him apart.  He’s not the same person anymore.  He has no one except me.

Calling the kids is the best but the following 2 days really take a toll on our mental stability… We literally are so depressed after we talk to them that it takes those 2 days to talk to each other,  cry with each other and pray together until we feel normal again. 
She told me a couple times that our kids never ask about us.  In  my opinion that’s something I would never tell my child about his kids and also when it becomes her responsibility to have them call us.

Yes I’m aware we should call them too.  But as long as she’s had them,  not once had she called us to tell us about any progress they’ve made,  if one of them gets hurt and anything else a parent should know.

My youngest broke her collar bone.  I didn’t find out until I called a week after it happened.  That was so sad that she couldn’t call her son to let him know about what happened. I didn’t find out until I called. What good is going to come from keeping his children from him?
We never get updates on their school,  she’s never given its any work from school life art work or report cards. T that’s her responsibility as a mother who cares about her s OK n. I guess that’s why none of that happens.

Live your children unconditionally. Love your grandchildren enough to do things you don’t want to do but know that it’s the right thing t OK  do.

Love your child. You’re killing his soul. You’re killing him. And in the long run, you’re hurting your grandchildren. You’re robbing them of something every child should have in their life. No matter what the circumstances are with your relationship with your child.

In the end, your hurting a lot of people because you think you’re doing what’s best. But its not best. It’s  the worst thing you could do.
Hate me forever. Hate your son forever.

But please don’t take it out on the children over some shrimp that we didn’t take. That in itself hurt her son so much that the thought of not being able to get food from his own mother that he didn’t even get.
Just love him. Let him know you love him.  You’d make his day.

Merry Christmas.  I mean that.

Speak Your Peace!

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