Children Services + Family + Friends= You’re Fucked

Yes, I was once involved with them. Yes I stupidly agreed to hand over custody to my in laws because I thought they were at least honest people. Even though I knew they hated me, I thought they had the right morals to not drag my kids in the middle of our thing. I was wrong.

If You ever get a knock on your door from children services, you do not have to answer the door, or if you did, yout Do Not have to let them in. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT.

In my case, yes I brought it on myself because of the job I had. Nothing else. But my in-laws just kept adding fuel to the fire. Your family’s answers to any question cps asks should always be “I don’t know”. In my case, my mother in law (we’ll call her Johna) told them everything she thought she knew.

When confronted about why she talked, her response was, “I’m not going to lie. I am not a liar. I will not lie for anyone”. But let me tell a story about how she doesn’t lie (unless it benefits her)…

It was close to the beginning of a new school year and Johna was  kind enough to buy my kid’s clothes for school.  I was so grateful. When she told my husband she would leave them on her porch because she was going to bed, we went to get them…

No bag of clothes.

So when got home we called her and told her they weren’t out there and she started freaking out saying someone must have stolen them.

I was so upset. One; because someone stole them but two; because SHE bought them and someone stole them. I was sad for her because I know she spent a lot of money on 3 kids for clothes. She told my husband HER ONLY CHILD, she had the whole neighborhood looking for the and called the police to file a theft report.  It sucked.

Fast forward a year later,  Johna was arguing with her sister (Becca) and she told us Johna lied. She had Becca go to her house and get the bag off her porch so she could lie and say they were stolen because she didn’t want me to get anything from her.  It didn’t hurt me. It hurt her grandkids. I cannot believe a woman of her age would stoop so low to do something like that. I’m more mature than that !!!

So she does lie. And she is a horrible person. Yes she is taking very good care of my kids but in the meantime she’s mentally abusing them by not letting us see them.
Her own son hasn’t seen his kids in a year. 
Yes,  its partly our fault because they live an hour away and we don’t have a car.  But if those are my Grandkids, I’d make sure my daughter saw her kids. Not for my daughter if I was upset with her,  but because I loved my Grandkids enough to make them happy.  Instead she would rather them forget us.

The moral to this story is  your family is more than likely the one who called cps on you and most likely the one who will be a CI for cps. Your family know the most about you so it only makes sense. Don’t talk to ANYONE while dealing with Cps.

When I was, I would intentionally say something to Johna just to see if when I saw my caseworker she would say something about it.  Sure enough.  Everytime.

I’ve tried to get close to Johna but she doesn’t forgive and forget . She hates me and that’s fine.  But she shouldn’t be taking her hatred for me out on my kids. She tells me they don’t even ask about us. I would never tell me daughter that about her kids.

My husband is heart broken that he doesn’t have a mother. I’m the one who made him revive his relationship with her because when we first got together they weren’t taking.

Big fucking mistake.  Now I know why. She ruined his future when he was 18 and now keeps his kids from him. We are only allowed to talk to them on the phone for 2 minutes each. We’re not allowed to video chat.

I feel so bad for my husband. He doesn’t show it but he’s my husband and i can see it. It kills him he doesn’t have a mother to confide in. A mother to love him unconditionally. My mom isn’t the best but she would never treat me like a piece of trash. 

You don’t have much longer on this earth. You’re more than welcome to leave a comment or call and bitch me out but I’m sure you’ll just take it out on my kids. Stop having people do your dirty work. Suck it up cowgirl.  Do it yourself.


Speak Your Peace!

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