Shannon Gaines – Ex Crack Head…

Who falls off the wagon all the time.Bitch, I told you don’t fuck with me. You think your stupid Facebook post was bad? This one won’t go away. It’s in the search engines. So when someone looks you up, guess what?
Next time maybe you will think about saying anything about me. Taking a sad story and twisting it into something that makes YOU feel better. You’re a sad person you know? Hate me all you want. At least I’m always on your mind. Lol

Its illegal to tell someone to end their life.. its a criminal offense called incitement to suicide.

Man, crack heads are spiteful.

This bitch took my picture from my last post about a nightmare I had and used it on Fb PUBLICLY saying this is what heroin addiction looks like.


Damn shannon…
Not looking so good…


Thanks J for helping Shannon Gaines from Hilliard, Ohio do this because God knows she’s not smart enough. Hope this made you two feel better. And please, stop trying to get her to do your dirty work. I will never accept her on FB.

Ex crack head.. But she’s above me she said. Lmao

My kids will know in due time who the bad apples are. Promise.

You gave up your kids bitch. I fought for mine for 3 yrs. I didn’t have the luxury of partying for weeks on end and seeing my babies WHENEVER I WASNT HIGH like you did. Mine were taken from me with the help of my yes myself but mostly my inlaws, your family.
You will go to hell for that. What goes around comes around.


Speak Your Peace!

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