I woke up at 2:42am this morning balling my eyes out. Tears just running down my cheeks because I had a dream we were at his moms house and the adoptive parents that had Ryan brought her over.


(I took that as soon as I could see…)

When Rick held her, the way she touched his cheeks melted my heart. Her long why “why did you leave us?” She was only 6 months old in my dream.

Johnnie st up the dream visit not to be nice, just to hurt us. And it hurt so bad.

When I sat up in bed I was crying so hard I woke rick up. “What’s wrong baby, are you ok?, what’s wrong?

He was worried to death because I was crying so hard.

I don’t want to feel like that again. I’ve learned to suppress my pain and tears.

That felt just like the first day you guys went to live with them. It wasn’t supposed to be permanent. She’s in contempt. But she knows there’s nothing we can do because she won’t help rick. She likes him stuck like this, so we don’t dont disrupt the heartbeat of her household.

Her exact words.
I wanted to die.
I still do.

I can’t wait till she goes to hell. He and Dave both. An Ryli’s middle name is Rayne, not what’s on her bc..
They Fucked up. The hospital did.

Speak Your Peace!

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