Sex. What is Squirting? Beware: Rated X

I’ve never written a blog about sex since I’ve had this blog and that’s just um…weird.

Especially considering my profession.

Do guys really think of sex as an emotional outlet, a way to say I love you, or it it just something to stick their dick in and empty their balls? We all know woman have an emotional attachment to sex although there are some women out there who are in it for one thing. Just to tickle their vajayjay.

My thing is, I’ve never just fucked someone to just fuck them. To get get off because honestly, a man has never given me an orgasm jusy by having sex alone. It takes a special kind of attention to get me off. Why I was cursed with this issue is beyond me. I’m not a squirter either and it boggles my mind that a female can actually cum like a guy! In fact I think I’m going to look it up to see what it looks like…

Hang on a sec…

Ok for those of you who aren’t into porn, beware…This is an XXX vid of a girl squirting:
asian girl squirting

To me, depending on the girl, it’s gross. But this video is kinda hot.
HOW do they DO THAT?

6 Myths  About Squirting
Posted by Ami Angelowicz

And guys, just for you…

So there you have it. Squirting.
Not for me.

XoXo P

Speak Your Peace!

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