Damn I’ve got to go to the store.

Spoiler: This is a woe is me kinda post.

Aww dont they look happy? Look at those precious children!
That’s what I think when I sit in a parking lot and watch people go in and out, cart full of groceries, kids following behind asking for a grape.

“They must be having a cookout and having some friends over tonight and drinking a few beers which creates the perfect atmosphere for a lot of laughs and wonderful memories”.

In reality, they probably just sold their TV so they could buy food for the week. Or the husband drinks himself into a raging fury and beats his wife after dinner because it wasn’t cooked right. But I don’t like to think like that. I’m an optimist. I like to think what I’m seeing is truly a beautiful thing.

Such a boring household chore. But so beautiful to me.

In my mind, I create a lot of misery. Therefore I have no friends at the moment because my life sucks so bad.

Spend 10 minutes with me and listen to my problems and you’ll realize how fortunate you really are. Don’t get me wrong, I know my problems are minor compared to some, but to me they’re gianormous.

I really do envy you families as you’re loading your groceries. If you listen to anyone today, listen to me:

You should truly appreciate those trips to the grocery store with your kids because one day you could lose it all.

Just one day.

Speak Your Peace!

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