Child Visitation Rights – MIL BULLY

When you go to court and your MIL or FIL get permanent custody, you have no rights EXCEPT whatever was agreed upon in court.

If they offered you weekends You have them/ If they offered you Holidays you have them/ Regardless of what the MIL/FIL say or try to change, YOU HAVE RIGHTS and THEY cannot change them anytime they want to.

Go to the courthouse and get an updated copy of the court dockets and the visitation schedule that was placed at the time of your last court hearing and get your babies when you’re supposed to have them/ Take a police officer with you. And your copy of visitation schedule that is signed by a judge.

Don’t let your in-laws bully you.

My point being, if you aren’t seeing your children because of the custodial issue but in court you were granted visitation, YOU HAVE RIGHTS.
They can’t change anything unless they go to court and try to prove their case. So go get your babies.

Speak Your Peace!

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