Words Can’t Describe…




Ever wonder what it would be like to have everything you could want but then on the other hand, have absolutely nothing and your gut tells you that is what you want? I have. Its good and bad either way. Having everything you want eases anxiety and having nothing creates it. But yet, I lean towards nothing.


Earlier I was thinking “I am better than this”.

Then a commercial comes on for the new Square reader for taking credit cards. The girl in the commercial was making flower bouquets.
Who CAN’T do that? I can. Why am I not rushing to start a floral business? It will always be in demand. I always think of diefferent things to do.
I have a very creative mind. But no get up and go to do it. And some of the limited funds issue. LOL

I have always been an entrepreneur. But right now, I don’t know what I want to start up.


I don’t feel like i have much to live for therefore, why move forward?




Speak Your Peace!

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