Living In the Ghetto – USA

Here I am….

Middle aged, I guess (39), and living in the ghetto. I LOVE my house, only if it was 1920 again. I would be considered a rich person if I had lived here back then. The house is beautiful. But the neighborhood sucks. Just the other night I woke up to a couple guys chasing each other with a gun, shooting at the other. There is a bar across the street and last Friday a fight was started by some nasty ass chick. She was screaming at another nasty ass comin out of the bar. Cops pull up and tell the guy with them, “Better take care of her or I will”.

The guy responded, “I got it sir.” and the officer said ok. A 2nd officer offiuser shows up and they just sit there watching this bitch scream cuss words and yelling, being drunk. The guys got her to shut up and then waved the officer away like “go on about your biz, get outta here”, and the officer left. So basically, the people on this side of town control the police. It was nuts. Right after they left the fight got worse.

Anyway….I’m in the middle of a life change and I don’t know where I’m going from here.

I wish my life was different because I’m not this person. I’m not a ghetto girl. I don’t like hearing gun shots. Oh and random people coming to my door to sell things i don’t need. Or people cutting through my yard and stealing whatever they can on the way through.

I just wanna move.

One thought on “Living In the Ghetto – USA

  1. I can relate. I commiserate. I live in a sort of ‘ghetto’, too. Gunshots, screaming, racing cars, people cutting through the yard, and the ‘Ghetto Bird’……Oh, yeah.

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