The history of my home is amazing…

I just moved into a home that was built in 1920.

I have been looking up the history of buyers throughout the years (just look up your county auditor site to find yours) and the prices of buying a home in the 20’s would be a dream if that were the case these days

The first owner was Lewis and Grace Holcomb. They probably built the home.

They bought is for $4,380 and sold it a year later to Joseph Schoene for $5,290 making athe original owners a profit of around $1000. Joseph sold it in 1923 for $4,050.

This is when things go downhill and you can see the depression hitting.

From 1923 up to 1937 is was bought and sold for around $2,200 – 3,080 until 1957 when the price went up to the original cost of $4,050.

In 1971 it sold for $6,710 and in 1981 it was appraised at $22,000 and has steadily risen to 40,000. It’s not in a great neighborhood, but the original owners once had a beautiful home in a beautiful area that was flourishing. They were rich and had a beautiful place to call home. Because that’s what I call it. I’ve never felt so “at home” since my 18 yr old was in 4th grade.

The inside of my home is beautiful. All original wood, unique things such as a sitting area upstairs with hidden storage under the benches, original hat hooks in the closet, original push button light switches on the walls which I later found out contain asbestos.

Regardless, I wish I was the original owner of this home. However, I’m so glad I didn’t have to go through the Depression.

If I weren’t posting this on my iPad, I could upload some pictures.

I have been redecorating this house the past couple months and it looks so pretty. This is the first time I’ve actually felt my home was worth decorating. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and the desire to bring back the 20’s and the happiness I felt so long ago.

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