Donald Schlarman Convicted on 2 Counts of Voluntary Manslaughter – 20 years in prison

Donald Schlarman, 27, was convicted today on two counts of voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Personally, I don’t think that was good enough considering his lengthy record history of violence. He tried to plea self defense. Thankfully the judge saw beyond that failed attempt.

The families of Tyler Bronson and Jeff Fijolek, the two men murdered at the VIP Lounge in Hilliard March 7, 2011, are beside themselves that this man wasn’t sentenced to life.

They held a candlelight vigil tonight at 7pm at the VIP Lounge, the same place Jeff and Tyler were murdered and on the very same day of the murders, March 7th, 2011. I attended the vigil to pay my respects as I am a very good friend of Deca Fijolek’s sister, Wendy.

The whole family has been overwhelmed with over 20 funerals, friends and family members that have passed, this past year and at the vigil, I learned from Wendy that HER boyfriend of 3 years died unexpectedly 3 weeks ago. This family cannot get a break.

My heart goes out to Deca Fijolek and her 2 boys, Jenny Bronson and her son and daughter and now my friend Wendy Branscome. I am so sad, but at the same time, soooo glad that Donald Shlarman did not get off on self defense. Had he not have known his ex-girlfriend was in the bar with her current boyfriend and entered the bar with a knife, this wouldn’t have happened.

2 thoughts on “Donald Schlarman Convicted on 2 Counts of Voluntary Manslaughter – 20 years in prison

  1. “Personally, I don’t think that was good enough considering his lengthy record history of violence.”

    Yeah a DUI is really violent….

    As for the self defense. Of course you take a plea when all the people at the bar were friends of the dead and toms band groupies. They would lie for each other. It was sickening at the VIP 2 nights ago how people were now talking openly about the REAL events that happened. “yeah he didnt start it, and yeah they were on top of him, and i would have pulled a knife too….but they didnt deserve to die.” 100% self defense.

    • Just a DUI?
      Let me help you a little:

      JUNE 2002- “Defendant pushed his wife out the front door and locked her out. Police were called when he then assaulted a person named Tyler Richards. Defendant allegedly assaulted a responding officer. Tyler required surgery on his arm but declined to press charges”. No further information is available regarding the alleged assault on the officer.

      SUMMER 2003- “Defendant assaulted an individual named Ben Kerins, who suffered a concussion. Kerins agreed not to press charges if Defendant paid all his medical bills”. SUMMER 2003- “Defendant damaged a neighbor’s car in a fit of rage. Defendant paid for damages”.

      2003/2004- ‘Multiple reports made of Domestic Violence toward wife, along with repeated incidents of him vandalizing her car”.

      JUNE 11, 2004- “Police responded to a domestic dispute between Defendant and his wife in which Defendant threw a glass and stereo equipment at a wall”. Wife stated she feared for the safety of herself and her 2 children and left the apartment with them.

      JANUARY 28, 2007- More vandalism reports.

      JULY 27, 2008- “Defendant threatened to kill the boyfriend of (his now estranged) wife, Jason McDonald. She (the estranged wife) was able to hear the Defendant opening his digital gun safe as he yelled at her. Defendant’s father later called and informed her that he had taken a gun away from his son”.

      SEPTEMBER 2008- On the first day of their divorce hearing (September 21 or 22), Defendant again vandalized his estranged wife’s car, breaking out all the windows and slashing the tires.” The matter was set for hearing on August 18, 2011, and in response to this Motion, the Court raised Schlarman’s bond by another $200,000, which his mother also paid on August 19, 2011.

      And by the way, I was there 2 nights ago. They were talking about the events that occured. If you’re mistaking them for lies, then apparently, you must be this murderers friend.
      Birds of a feather….And although you think a DUI is “harmless”, thank GOD he’s in jail now because if he wasn’t, I would pray for you that he wouldn’t kill you in a DUI offense.

      WHY did he bring a knife into the bar in the first place? Because his ex-girlfriend was in there. That’s why.

      Thank you for your comment.

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