Random Thought: Millions of Kittens in 2012

Two kittens

Image via Wikipedia

I was laying in bed this morning and had a random thought after seeing the groundhog look at his shadow under a million lights they had set up. Of course he’s gonna see a shadow. Duh.

Anyways… The population of kittens is going to skyrocket this summer because of the warm winter we’re having in Ohio.
I myself have a female cat who is not fixed, yet, and she has gone into heat at least 3 times this winter. Kinda odd. But I keep her inside until I get her fixed. So, if you  have a female cat that is not fixed, please do your part and try to keep her inside duing her heat unless you want a big surprise this spring.

Have your female cat spayed and your male neutered, or keep them in when she’s in heat, to help fight this population that’s pretty much inevitable this year 😦

Please and thank you.

Speak Your Peace!

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