My Review on GreenDot Money Pak Pre-Paid Visa & MasterCard


Image by 401K via Flickr

So, you have a child in college?

Just a little FYI: DO NT use Green Dot for sending money to your loved one. Just open a bank account.

My daughter is in college and she’s not in the same city as I am so I was sending her money through a Green Dot money pak card at least every day or every other day. Sometimes once a week. It just depended on her situation. It was very convenient to go to Walmart or CVS and pick up a green dot money pak card and send her $20-$50 if she needed it and in my case, I did it just so I know she always had money. However, I never sent $100 or more, very rarely did I send over that much because I knew she would blow it that day or by the next day. So I dispersed it according to her needs.

The cost to send money to her beats the cost of Western Union. It’s only $4.95 to buy the money pak and load whatever $ amt on the card. In turn, I send her a special # that will fund her green dot visa card, After almost 6 months of this convenient option, my daughter gets a notice that Green Dot will be closing her account because of “suspicious loading activity” on her card and loading.


So… $5.00 x 52 weeks isn’t good enough for this major corp?
She’s LOADING too many times during the week?
Since WHEN do companies put a cap on their earnings?
WHY would a company close someone’s card because of how many times they load their card with funds?

Sooo…. If you’re looking into pre-paid Visa or Master Cards, steer CLEAR of Green Dot. Your card will be canceled and they’ll leave you in the dark because you’re giving them too much money. Green Dot SUCKS. And so does their customer service.

Try to understand their customer service rep for 5 minutes. You’ll just eventually hang up because it’s a pointless conversation.

  • Claims for cancellation or reducing fees for issuing credit cards (
  • Update 1/16/2013

    Greendot now has it’s own bank so I have not had this problem since their new changes came into effect, thank God. Thank you Greendot for changing things around for those of us that appreciate your business.

Speak Your Peace!

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