It’s Been A While….

Since I have written to my readers. I’ve been swamped with personal things, not to mention I don’t have internet at y house at this time and that’s when I did a lot of my writing.
I am back in school and aiming for a bachelor’s degree in the next 2 years so now my blog will focus primarily about school and of course world events such as JOE PA and the Penn State scandal with child molestation accusations and apparently others WITNESSED. HOW can you WITNESS something like this and not kill the perp??

My take on this is they need to fire the pope and shut down the Vatican as he did the same thing. Don’t you agree? Oh… and GO BUCKEYES!

Just sayin…

Happy Vets Day to all those wh have fought for our Country. Without you, I wouldn’t be writing this.

❤ Much love


Speak Your Peace!

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