EX-Customer Review of Time Warner Cable – STAY AWAY

Are you thinking about setting up your cable, phone and internet? Looking for a reliable, affordable internet company? Then stay far far away from Time Warner Cable.

I had my services installed at the end of June this year, cable, phone and internet and I paid $150 at the door for my 1st month of services. That was basically for June (let’s say)15th thru July 15. My next bill came for July 15th- Aug 15.

My bill is $400.00

HOW in the heck is my bill $400 for one month?

Not to mention, ON TOP of the 150 installation/first month that I gave them at the door, I was stilll charged 90 for installation, an additional outlet charge of 20 (there was already an outlet there) .

I am so upset right now and on my cell phone typing this, because of course the cable svcs are shut off, but I feel I need to warn others about Time Warner RAPING their customers.

You were warned.

2 thoughts on “EX-Customer Review of Time Warner Cable – STAY AWAY

  1. I have to agree with the crappy service of TWC. About 4 months ago, I had a TWC install appoinment scheduled ony to have it cancelled because the person that lived in the home before me, ran up a hefty bill. I’m not on my current rental lease, so TWC wouldn’t accept any copy of the current occupant (my fiance) being on the lease. TWC required that I pay off a $300+ past due before I did so. I did just that reluctantly.

    Another service install was scheduled…

    The day of the install, they came to the door and requested a $65 reconnect fee before installing. I was BLOWN AWAY. There was no mention of this beforehand and I was being held hostage to a bill that wasn’t even ours. TWC has shady business practices. Unfortunately I live in a rural area in Fairfield county Ohio where TWC holds a monopoly in the standard coax cable market. There are no other options aside from expenisve satellite provider HughNet.

    TWC sucks. It just sucks further to hear another horror story about them!

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