Awww… Sn00ki has a fan! And she wants to be pregnant!

I’m bored. So I flip on the tv and watch Maury. “Babby Daddys & Paternity Tests”

Duh… What else does he talk about?

So… this 16 13 year old hops on the stage with a hair poof like Snooki. Guess who her idol is?

Yep. Snooki. AND this little girl wants to get pregnant. She’s already had sex (drunk) with over 50 guys.

Snooki, you’re not setting a very good example. Looks like you need to change your game plan.
I know I know… Jersey Shore isn’t for kids, but it IS on MTV and THAT is a kid network.
So do your part and be smart. Get ion touch with this little girl and make her change her ways. Please.

Speak Your Peace!

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