Rainy Wedesday Memories

Via Megan Helstone on WordPress

It’s a rainy morning. Coffee is gone, I think I’ll get another cup.

The kids started school yesterday. My 17 yr old is now a senior. My 7 yr old is in 2nd grade and my 5 yr old started Kindergarten. My 4 year old will start her 2nd yr of preschool on the 19th. This is a milestone for me as I used to drag all 3 little ones with me to take Mikensie to school from 5th grade on. Now, she’s almost out and the others are movin on in. LOL Look out teachers! The Riders are coming!

I think it’s great they’re so close in age. I wish Mikensie had that growing up. However, had she had siblings so close in age, I don;’t think she would have turned out the way she did. She’s amazing. A brat at times, but still amazing.

The sounds of school buses going by, cars driving slowly by the house, kids walking with their friends…It’s all too familiar. But a distant memory of Mikensie walking to school.

I didn’t let her walk until she was in the 4th grade. I drove her daily even though we only lived 2 blocks from her school. She went to the same elementary school her whole life. Now, she’s about to become her own person.

And my little man… Omgsh! Kindergarten! He was just born yesterday!

My youngest daughter doesn’t start preschool until the 19th of Sept. So she’ll get some alone time pampering before she goes back. My second grade daughter wants a Captain America book bag 🙂
She’s my little tom-boy.

So here’s to Wedesday..

School Days

~ Photographess

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