FINES FOR PETTY “CRIMES” (via skweiks)


Wow… And I thought America’s corrupt government was bad.

6 thoughts on “FINES FOR PETTY “CRIMES” (via skweiks)

  1. yap we have a few problems but the city council by laws aren’t strict so ya…we survive…there’s no other city i would rather live in…guess coz 4 me its home

  2. cool,where in states? by the way am kinda new 2 this blog thing and i was wondering like how do u find blogs th@ are closer 2 home,if u understand w@ am saying azin most blogs am seeing are guyz frm states,am not saying th@ a bad thing bt…is there a place i can find blogs from like kenya coz most of my palz i gues dont really blog or havent started or maybe they are using blogger(by the way wordpress looks better than blogger th@ y i joined here) nywayz i hope u dont mind explaining 2 me kiasi 2(kiasi-th@ swahili infact sheng meaning just a bit) 🙂

    • I live in Ohio, on the east coast kind of. I’m not sure how to find blogs closer to you except to type in your city in the search box. I’ve never really searched for blogs which is something I need to start doing. LOL NONE of my friends blog, I do this all by myself hoping to find anonymous readers like you 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog! I’ll check yours out too!

      • Thanks…by the way come to think bout it…sites like this make one realize its a small world anyway all also be checking out your blog

  3. Oh-Emm-Gee! So, “blowing the nose aimlessly other than into a suitable cloth or tissue” is considered a petty crime there? LMFAO!!!! I wonder if they put you in prison for farting? =)

    Any Yay! Photographess is from Ohio too. I’m from Lancaster. The second armpit of Ohio lol.

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