Robert Sheehan Via

Robert Sheehan – America’s Next Hottie ;)

Real quick, heyyyy Robert 🙂

Just watched your interview on Youtube and you said you google yourself just to see if there’s a new link up about you.

Well… Here it is 🙂

I just finished watching the Misfits on Hulu and I must say, I’m not surprised your popularity is going up in smoke like a house on fire!

Yeah, that was gay but I’m not funny. LOL Robert Sheehan Via

Anyways… If I have anything to do with it over here in the states, you will be on OUR big screen even more so, very soon 🙂 No, I don’t have any awesome connections or a little black book (I used too, long story though)… but I can advertise like a mother.. Seriously, I’m a mother, too. Ha!

Anyway… just a shout out to ya 🙂

Can’t wait to see you in more films 😉

Watch Robert Sheehan’s interview on You Tube :

Watch The Misfits:  (You’re stupid if you don’t.)

Also, when you say “car”, it sounds like you’re saying my name. LOL

Peace ❤


Speak Your Peace!

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