Babies & Children Modeling – Facebook Page

EVERYONE tells me I should put my youngest daughter, Ryli, now 4, in modeling for babies & children. She was actually on the Tyra Banks show in 2008 for a modeling show in a montage of 6 kids at the beginning of the show.

Not one day goes by without a few people telling me to get her into modeling so I am starting a Facebook page for her. I hate to push her into something she might not like, but ithink it would be fun for her since she likes to dress up, brush her hair etc…

So I created 2 pages. One for ALL kids ages newborn to 3 years old and one for my daughter. The public page is for all mommies who want to enter their child is baby contests, get their modeling career started, post pictures and show your baby off, etc!

That page address is

My daughter’s page is:

As soon as I get some really good pictures taken of her, I will post them.
She IS adorable 😉

In the meantime, feel free to “like” the Baby Models page and add your child!


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