The Baby Killer IS in Columbus, Ohio – Casey Anthony Spotted @ Lennox Town Center

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And while TMZ doesn’t tell us her exact location, after looking at the photos & me being from Columbus, Ohio…she appears to be strolling in Lennox Town Center to be exact. Notice the street lamp:

Take a looksie: Casey Anthony PHOTOS in Columbus, Ohio

She’s supposed to be in hiding but she’s not running from the camera, hiding her face, etc. It’s as if she called TMZ to tell them where she is so she could get a paycheck. Anyone in hiding would NOT be window shopping. In Columbus. Where everyone suspected she’d be. And in the video, she walks out of Old Navy with nothing?

NO ONE walks out of Old Navy with NOTHING!


She should know it’s going to be open season here in Ohio in a few months…November to be exact. LOL But apparently she has to go back to Florida to serve her probation.
Let’s hope she does. She’s giving us Buckeyes a bad name.

Reporters really need to quit paying this bitch for her presence.
Poor Caylee. Blood money.

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11 thoughts on “The Baby Killer IS in Columbus, Ohio – Casey Anthony Spotted @ Lennox Town Center

  1. Did they finally find the killer of Caylee as you claim? Certainly is not Casey because they found her not guilty of that crime on all counts except for lying. Glad that someone was finally arrested for killing Caylee. Is it George Anthony? -Jane

    • It is my opinion that Casey killed her own daughter… Or was involved in some way. I am a mother of 4 children and there’s no way in hell I would not report her missing for 30 days and lie about it or go out partying while she was missing. Did you know the bag Caylee was found in was the same type of bag at Casey’s home? So even though they found her not guilty (because there was no physical evidence she killed her) I believe, as do all the jurors and her own parents and most of the world, that she is guilty. When a body is founddecomposed, 99% of physical evidence is either gone or damaged. Lucky Casey. But thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

      • Looks like you missed the trial, it was on every television station for months. Turns out that there is no evidence that Casey killed Caylee and she was acquitted of everything except for some lying stuff and she just gets money offers near daily. What happened to justice for Caylee? Hope they find the killer cause it clearly is not Casey. -Jane

  2. I agree with your assessment totally. Why would CA be out in this manner? Strolling about, window shopping (in the very front of the Old Navy window mind you), drinking a Starbucks Etc.. While I do believe its her, I think its either a ploy to throw the public off about her location or a money stunt like you said. BTW, nice blog! I love your topics. I have a similar blog (with similar topics) over at I’d like to link yours from mine if that’s okay? Thanks! – Chauncey

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