White House Vs Fox News

I was reading a post on HuffingtonPost today about some SCANDAL at the Whitehouse and FoxNews. Jesus… I thought with the headline there was a sex scandal involving the President or something. Thankfully, it’s just emails that were exchanged by someone with the US Treasury that was bashing Fox News. Boo Freaking Hoo. Like someone else said “Mommy! Fox News called me names!”

Bret Baier A ‘Lunatic… Fox News Is Mad Now.


Sticks & Stones


Top it off, while my nosy nose was reading the famously exchanged (boring) emails, I noticed several times that many of the people involved in the email exchange had their email addresses and phone numbers made public! Did Huffington Post make the mistake or is it now okay to give out ones personal emails because there’s a “fight” going on?

What happened to being adults? And privacy?
Is that even legal to do that?

Regardless, I called the Counselor to the Treasury Secretary and told him the low down on his info being publicized on HuffPost for the whole world to see.

I hope someone gets their butt spanked for this.

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