My Mom Has a Boyfriend :)

Sighs…So here goes:

She’s been married 5 times…

My dad left my mom while she was pregnant with me. After I was born, she married her second husband.
I absolutely loved and still love this man. He was my favorite dad. Isn’t that sad to hear? LOL

They divorced when I was 5 and then three years later she married her 3rd husband, who was a Franklin County Sheriff. He was a Franklin County Asshole, too.  I was physically abused by this man. She left him and married her 4th husband when I was 15. He was an electrician. And also a drunk. She divorced him and married a Hilliard police officer. They were married for 13 years, I think.

He cheated on her and she’s been single ever since. She’s now 61 years old and FINALLY she is “seeing” someone.

My mom has lived a hermit’s life for almost 7 years now. She rarely sees my kids. She never leaves her house.

When I found the rental I’m living in, the man I am renting off of told me he was single and in conversation I brought up my mom and how ironic it was that they were both left for/by a police officer. So I knew that was my cue to “hook” them up. So, I did 🙂

I’ve lived here for 2 months now and just yesterday they met and he killed the weeds in her yard, had lunch and now they’re seeing each other. I’m really happy for her. I hope to God this man brings her out of whatever she’s going through. My kids need her in their life and I think he can pull her out of it.

It would be nice to have my mom back.

(This post was written two days ago, I am just now posting it due to an emergency in my family.)

One thought on “My Mom Has a Boyfriend :)

  1. Hope the emergency was easily solved. The NY Times had a very good article on the problems parental divorce creates for kids, but it also sounds as if your Mom suffered too. One of the wisest things someone once told me was, “You have responsibilities toward your parents, but you are not responsible for them.” Think it is good advice.

    Stay strong and hoping with you this new man helps your Mom.

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