Hot Summers in Hilliard, Ohio

Looking for somewhere to play in water? Need to cool off a little? Where to go to get wet on a hot summer day in Hilliard is simple. I took my kids to Homestead park today. It is HOT outside and they wanted to play in water. I don’t have a pool anymore since my last move. I wish I would have kept it, but I didn’t.  So, we went to Homestead Park.
If you haven’t been there, it’s a really pretty park with a lot of nice, updated playground equipment.

There is a T shaped tunnel that goes underneath the middle of the large playground and the kids love to play in that. There are about 5 sections to the whole park.
When you first pull in there is a kiddie park to the left. It has a sand area and a couple swings, not much to it but it’s nice to play in on cooler days. Next to that is the farm themed kiddie water park. There’s a shower-type water hose for the kids to cool off in and a “panning for gold” water bench that gives the children the ability to play in the water and rocks (so generously added by the children who play there LOL). Next to that is a picnic area, an old caboose and restrooms.

For the bigger kids there is also a skate park. It’s REALLY wide and nice. If I had roller blades, I’d go there. Across the street is the bigger park area with the underground tunnels.

There are several covered picnic areas at this park as well. You can host parties or just have a snack in the shade in any of them if they’re not already full with another party. I’d be sure to call ahead to book one of the shelter houses. Not sure if you can or not, but I’d check because every time I’m there in the summer, there are people in them.

Homestead Park

A lot of weddings take place at this park. There is a really nice covered bridge that people get married on and there is also a small area that has a stage-like setting with a grassy area for seating. To my surprise, today we found a hidden treasure by this bridge 🙂 It’s a sculpture hidden in the bushes and if you open it, there’s a little note with a guest book in it that you can sign. I’d never seen it there before and it was a nice surprise for my oldest daughter.

Hilliard Family Aquatics or Hilliard West Municipal Pool

As for a pool, the admission cost for a child age 2 and under is free, ages 3-9 $8 and age 10 and over is $10. That’s so insanely CRAZY and sad. I remember when if you weren’t a Hilliard resident, it was around $7 to get in, $5 for residents or you could buy a pool pass for around $100 for a child. For Hilliard residents a pool pass costs $200 for a family of 4, which isn’t bad…but I hardly think I’ll be going enough to spend that kind of money on it. Maybe when my kids get a little bigger and they can go by themselves.

Hayden Run Falls

A very well kept secret place to cool off, Hayden Falls used to be the best place to go as a teen to hang out with your friends.
It was VERY hard and now that I think back, also very dangerous to get to it as a kid, but we did it. There used to be a HUGE drop of a cliff that you had to basically slide/climb down.

Over the last 10 years they’ve made it more accessible, even adding a parking lot and a very nice wooded walkway and steps down to the fall trail. It’s basically a small cave-like area where water from the Scioto River rins into and off of. But, if you’re hot, you won’t mind the fish. LOL My kids love going there and it’s also a great place to take pictures. Homestead Park and Hayden Run Falls are two of my favorite places for photography and they just happen to be two places you can cool off in the summertime as well. Keep the falls a secret or it’s going to start getting more crowded 🙂

Have a great 2011 Summer!

Xoxo Photographess

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