I Finally Joined Google Plus (Yawwwnnn)

Forgive me if this post isn’t that great, although, my last few posts haven’t been super amazing.
I am still having my morning coffee and my eyes are still a little blurry.

I got into Google Plus with the help of kind person, Sara, from WordPress. Thank you, Sara!

I’m still playing around on it but it looks like a Google profile with added tabs for photos, videos etc.
Not to mention, I don’t have any personal friends on there yet so I’m pretty lonely.

Until I play some more and get familiar with it, literally I have spent 15 minutes on it, my advice to you is to wait until it opens up to the public again and wait until your friends are on there as well otherwise you’ll just be playing with a new toy. However, if you’d like an ivite, I will send you one because I think I need to give back a little bit of my time like Sara did for me 🙂

Make sure you comment with your Gmail account. I may have to send you a comment to get you in as Google is not accepting new profiles unless you are in a circle.

Xoxo, Photographess 

10 thoughts on “I Finally Joined Google Plus (Yawwwnnn)

    • It’s worth it if you have other friends on it, which I do not so for me, it’s like being at a party by yourself. LOL
      Imagine your Facebook with no friends. That’s what it’s like. Google hasn’t done enough advertising and promotion for Google+ yet so until they do, it’s going to be boring, unless you can entice your friends to join. I can send you an invite if you’d like but you have to have a Gmail.com account. Thanks for commenting!

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