Will You Share Your Pictures of the Hilliard, Ohio Fireworks?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go, but I was hoping I could find some people (either who find my site from google or wordpress) that will share their pictures. If you did go to the Hilliard Ohio Fireworks or parade, or both, and you have some amazing pictures, please email them to me at photographess@msn.com

Here is a photo from 2004 that I took.

Hilliard, Ohio 4th of July Fireworks 2004

I would love to showcase them on my page! Please click the like button at the top pf my blog and send in your pictures!

Pssst! If you haven’t noticed, when you go to Google, type in “Hilliard Ohio 4th of July, my blog is on the first page and so your images will be seen by thousands!

Of course, all credit will go to the photographer 🙂

Send me your pictures!!! photographess@msn.com








*Hilliard* Dublin* Worthington*


Speak Your Peace!

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