Hilliard, Ohio 4th of July Fireworks (Parking etc)

Are you going to the fireworks in Hilliard tonight?

If you do, please take some pictures! I can’t go and this will be my first year ever not going.

It’s located in Roger Reynolds Park by the Hilliard pool and it starts at 9:45pm. If you have little ones you might want to show up at around 7pm, set your blanket down on the hill so you can get good seats and then take your kids to the mini-carnival that’s right by the hill. Parking is CRAZY at this time so as a long time resident with some tricks up my sleeve, my suggestion to you is to park on the side streets.

Here are a few streets that you can park on and still be within walking distance:

Franklin St
Madison St
Columbia St
Luxair Rd
Wayne St
Heywood Rd

All of these streets are walking distance to the park.

The streets going into the park will close around 9pm so get there early!

Have a great 4th and have fun tonight!
Hopefully you’ll bookmark my page and come back and share some pictures with me!

Xoxo Photographess

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Speak Your Peace!

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