I hit a cat this morning…

What an awesome way to start the day.

I was on my way to get coffee, so I wasn’t fully awake and this cat was on a suicide mission because I had no time to stop.

I screeched at the bump under my car, lifted my feet like I always do so I don’t feel the bump and stopped at the stop sign rested my head on my steering wheel & just sighed at the thought of what just happened.

I continued to the gas station, got my coffee and headed back to my house. When I got to my street, I looked under the car to see if it was there. No cat.
I looked up in the yards and on doorsteps. No cat.

I wanted to make sure it wasn’t suffering. Or possibly find the owner in case it was only hurt a little and needed some care.
But, I found nothing.

They do have 9 lives. I guess this one is down to 8 thanks to me.

Happy Thursday.

Speak Your Peace!

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