The 4th of July in Hilliard, Ohio 2011

Quick Info for anyone coming to Hilliard on the 4th of July:

  • Parade begins at the fairgrounds at 10am
  • Fireworks begin at the Roger Reynolds Park (Hilliard West Pool/Pond/Hill) at 9:45PM
  • The carnival rides will be open at the park starting Saturday July 2nd until the end of the night on the 4th!

It’s here. My favorite time of year. No need for wrapping paper, gift exchanges, late night packaging etc…

No. This Holiday is different from all the rest.

The 4th of July symbolizes Freedom to many Americans. To me, it also marks a very special day in the lives of my 3 small children. A day when they don’t expect gifts but the smiles on their faces are just as big as if they were.

Our day will start off at 8:00am with a short drive to downtown Hilliard to find a shady spot to watch the annual parade.
Last year was among the best parades I’ve seen in a long time. In the past years the parades have been saturated with political campaign floats, a lack of clowns and nothing more. It hasn’t been very impressive throughout the years my oldest daughter watched them. I feel sorry for her, not having witnessed the awesome parades I did as a child.

2009 Hilliard, Ohio July 4th Parade by PhotographessHowever, last year…it was so impressive, I actually wrote a letter to to the Editor at my local newspaper SNP Northwest News for Hilliard. It was printed and I was humbly satisfied with every word I wrote.  It’s not fun getting up that early to sit in 100 degree weather just to see some politicians handing out stupid ink pens with their names on it, poorly desgined make-shift floats with kids hanging off the back of a pick up truck. Absolutely ZERO decorated bikes.

But Hilliard more than made up for the prior upsetting parades.

Kids want to see clowns and candy and that’s what they got last year. Hopefully it’s what they’ll see this year too.
I’d also like to see decorative bikes with smiling kids proud of what they did to their bicycles. More candy is always a plus. In fact, I think I’ll donate some so they don’t run out toward the end of the parade.

In the afternoon, we’ll probably have a cookout.
Nothing like grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with my kids getting ketchup all over their faces.

It’s a picture I will always remember.

4th of July @ The Hill - Hilliard, Ohio

By 8:00pm, we start our traditional walk to The Hill to watch the fireworks that start at 9:45pm. The hill is a local park in which the fireworks are set off over a big pond that is settled next to the city pool. The hill has been a favorite of the locals since I was little and before that. It isn’t just for the fireworks, it’s also a great sledding place!

We usually sit right at the top to get the best view. My parents only took me there a few times because of the crowd, and it’s only gotten bigger over the years. But I don’t care about that.

To me, to see my kids happy is more important to me than avoiding a crowd. Because not only are you avoiding all those people, the beautiful view of the fireworks, you’d also be avoiding the memories you can make with your children.

They aren’t small forever.

Speak Your Peace!

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