Finally!!! I have a home!

I’ve been looking for a house for a little over 2 months now and after much time, sweat and tears I’ve finally found one in Hilliard! I will start moving this weekend.

I am sooo excited because its really close to my exhusband’s house. Sounds funny doesn’t it? LOL My oldest daughter is living with him for right now because she will be graduating high school soon and I didn’t want her to change schools.

I want to tell my readers Thank You for putting up with my posts about housekeeping and photography. I know its annoying but I haven’t really had much to write about since I’ve been house hunting and now that I’m done with that, I can start writing more However, I am mobile only so. They won’t be very long LOL

But I promise to start writing more ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Finally!!! I have a home!

  1. You did the best while you struggled to find your new house. My ex moved to far away from me and his daughter 15 years ago it was so sad. I am happy you get to see your daughter more.

    • Thanks. It has been a struggle. I was facing being homeless! I’ve never been there before and it was scary. Sorry to hear about your ex. That is sad. I’m very close with my daughter, she’s only lived with him since last October so its been hard being away from her. I’m also “friends” with my ex so it helps. Thanks for your comment!

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