Where’s the time going?

I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been so busy and my modem broke for my laptop so I only have mobile access.

I don’t like posting from my phone but I feel I need to keep my subscribers updated.

I haven’t even had time to get my portfolio done for the Flaunt girl website, however, I think I will bow out gracefully and let the younger girls take over. Lol They’ve gotten so many submissions since mine and I’m left in the dust now. Those girls are smokin hot!

I’m in the process of moving so my thought are scrambled right now. I have a lot of thinking to do. A lot of big decisions to make in my personal life.

I’m getting to a point in my life that I now know you have to look out for yourself. Over the years, I’ve always worried about others and its got me absolutely nowhere. Its a tough transmission, making yourself a priority is not something I’m used to. But I know that’s my goal now. It’s my turn to be happy. And that’s what I will get and if you don’t make me happy in some way, I don’t need you.

I am getting.g anything negative out of my life.
Especially since according to Harold Camping, I won’t be around to see my next birthday. Haha.

I will update as much as I can, but I failed the
postaday campaign. 😦 But I didn’t abandon it.

Loves to my bitches!

One thought on “Where’s the time going?

  1. Cant say I am not disappointed in the decision of the flaunt girls submission. Glad to see you have decided to put yourself first and to be happy. Good luck with the move 🙂

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