Diary Dilemma

I just bought a Pottery Barn 12 month Boxed Diary.Pottery Barn 12 Month Box Diary
My dilemma is my life is soooo crappy right now…I mean, so crappy, I don’t every want to look back on it in a way.

But in another way, I will be accomplishing something so great that I might want to. But I’m not sure. Ever had something SO very important but very negative happen to you and you never wanted to think about it again?

Well, that’s my problem. And this diary set I bought cost me $100.
I am having a hard time deciding if I should start it now since it’s only March and I can just fill in Jan/Feb up to date or if I should wait until next year when I know things will be okay but not very triumphant.

I hate decisions.

Speak Your Peace!

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