There she blows…

So my new car…new used car, wouldn’t start yesterday.
I knew it.
I knew once I paid $2500 for a ride that this would happen.
So here I am again, without a ride. Things to do, bills to pay.

Gotta love the American car salesman.
This is  what gives them a bad name.

So, THANKS Hugh White Honda of Columbus at the Auto Mall.

Appreciate that.

3 thoughts on “There she blows…

  1. Ohh, sorry to hear about your busted vehicle. It’s such a creepy feeling when you pay big bucks for something only to have it break down on you. Stinks.

    — However, as I write this I am grooving to Maroon 5. Thanks for posting this — I love this band!

    Hope you get your ride back on the road … Marge

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