Christina’s Fuck Up

While everyone is putting their two cents in on this subject, I though…me, no one special, would do so as well.And the only reason why is, well because this chic is PAID and I’m jealous.

Had I known she was going to fuck it up, I would have auditioned my 3 year old daughter Ryli to sing it and let the earnings that Christina made from singing it go to my daughter’s college fund. I bet millions would have cried at this little beaut singing the national Anthem:


Christina is a singer. She’s not supposed to fuck up. No matter what kind of pressure she’s under. She’s been under far more pressure than a super bowl audience, I’m sure. So…maybe next year I will get a call form the NFL asking for my little darling to sing the National Anthem and if she screws it up, everyone will just giggle and STILL cry during her performance. At least a screw up is expected with a 3 year old.

Speak Your Peace!

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