Twitter…Not so sure. Adrianne Curry, yes.

Adrianne Curry at Crobar Nightclub Chicago

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I’ve ben on Twitter for a couple years now but one time I changed my user name and it totally fucked up my whole account.
This was before Twitter made the process to change your password and username easier. I had tons of followers, I was engaged in twits and had fun with it.

But something’s changed. Ever since I got my account back and straightened out, its been impossible to get followers and none of my family and friends are hip to the powers of Twitter yet. I’ve been following a few celebs here and there like Adrienne Curry @adriannecurry and Nikki Sixx @nikkisixx, Beth Chapman @MrsDogC, and more.

I have to admit, Adrianne Curry is probably the coolest chick in Hollywood. She’s so fucking down to earth, intelligent and she doesn’t take anyone’s shit. She will actually respond to you, (if you’re not an idiot, don’t get too excited my pervs), posts intelligent posts (ok, sometimes wacky but I love that about her), she tells it like it is and if you don’t like it, you can simply fuck off. LOL

However, I’m beginning to wonder why I follow any of the other celebs on my list. I’ve tried talking to them on numerous occasions and while I understand they probably get a shit ton of questions each day, it’s A LOT embarrassing talking to myself and quite boring.

I send tweets to them and never get a response in return, making me look desperate and stalky. LOL What’s worse is all I see in connection to them interacting with their fans are: “RT me please! Hubby doesn’t believe I’m talking to you!” Or “RT so I can get more followers!” And my favorite is when they RT a promo chance from the words of a crazed fan, “I can’t wait for your new book to come out February 21st at 10:37am on Friday! I’m buying it asap! I have the whole series and I follow you from town to town!! AHhHhhh!!!”

OHHH! That’s how I can talk to a celeb? Make myself look stupid and pump them up and make their head and wallet bigger than it already is?

Nah…I think I’ll pass. MAYBE if my life was better, my wallet fatter and my social life bigger.

I think I’ll stick to one for now. Adrianne Curry is one cool chica.
And if you act like a normal person with some brains, you’ll get some pretty intelligent conversation out of her 🙂

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