There goes my life…

Sometimes I wonder what I was brought into this world for. A long time ago I used to say I wanted to be an attorney because I like to fight. Not physically, but in a situation. But now I’m starting to question the Karma I’ve gotten from that quote. I’ve been fighting a certain matter for almost 3 years now and it’s taken a toll on me. I honestly don’t know if I have any more fight left in me.

It such a personal matter that I don’t write about it but damn I would love to so I could get some writer’s therapy from it.
I do write about it in my journal which has left me with tons of depressing physical notebook memories that I don’t like to refer back to.

This matter has gotten 100 times worse in a matter of one day and it was something I expected to happen a long time ago. And the sad thing is, no one believed me. Everyone thought I was nuts or just rebelling against the subject.
This is the reason why I called my blog ‘Beautiful Mayhem’. And I can’t even publicly write about it.

Maybe someday.

2 thoughts on “There goes my life…

  1. Keep on writing and writing and writing and the beautiful in beautiful mayhem will shine, shine in all things, but, most importantly, shine in the life that you are creating for yourself! Take care.

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