Near Death Experience (NDE) and ‘Embraced By The Light’ by Betty Eadie

I just started reading a book on Near Death Experiences or NDE and I must say, although I have always been a little bit skeptic, I have also thought that we MUST have came from somewhere and our souls go somewhere after we die because energy doesn’t die. And what about all those planets and stars? Surly they don’t end where we think they do.

I’m into the first chapter of her NDE and everything she says coincides with everyone else’s experience of NDE such as hovering over your lifeless body, communication is more like telepathy in the afterlife; communication is not done by talking but rather ‘feeling’ and love is felt intensely, whomever is your guide you are not afraid of or felt like you’ve known them all your life.

There is no such thing as time in the afterlife. Learning is like your mind being a hard drive and the knowledge flows in at immense speeds. The feeling of not wanting to leave the afterlife no mater how many loved ones are waiting for you. Colors are indescribable… Understanding and comprehension is faster than the speed of light.

One particular thing that catches my attention is how people who’ve died can describe certain things while dead, such as one an saw a nurse drop her watch and when he came to, he told her where it was. If NDE or the afterlife doesn’t exist, how do we explain this?

In the past 10 years, the paranormal has become much more accepted in society and I think there’s a good reason behind this.

I’m almost done with the book and she explains how she was taught that there IS life or was life on other planets. Exactly what I suspected.

What do you think?

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