Wow I’m Exhausted!

I’m so exhausted today.

I went to Target and bought a few things, one of them being a King size “down-quality comforter for only 19.99 (they’re on sale now if you want one) and as soon as I got home I put it on my bed. I haven’t been out of it since!

I even fell asleep for a few minutes until I started dreaming it was another day and I slept too long. LOL

So now that I have a car, I have so many things to do and catch up on.
You never realize how blessed you are to have a car until you don’t have one.

My daughter went to see Kid Rock last night and I was soooo jealous! I’m glad she got to go though. She sent me a couple pictures from her cell phone.

I wish I could have gone. All my money is accounted for though.
I hate being all grown up with responsibilities and bills.


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Speak Your Peace!

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