Human Capital Contracts – College Fund Sponsor

*Sighhhh* What I would give to go to college again.

I paid out of pocket for a few quarters at a local community college. It cost me over $1200 for two classes, one of which I failed 3 times. So I paid $900 to fail that class. I aced the English class with a B+ so it only set me back $250 for that class. After failing themath 3 times, I gave up until I either A) Got a grant or B) won the lottery. Neither of which will happen without a GED. I had a daughter in my mid twenties, built my business in my late twenties and then had 3 more kids in my 30’s and have been too busy with them to get my education. I am now seeing that it is pertinent to have not only a HSD but also a college degree to get the job I want.

In all honesty, even with a college degree, I won’t get a good job because of my background.
It used to be perfect,but that’s what I got for the fruits of my labor in Ohio for 10 years.

If I lived in Nevada, I wouldn’t be suffering.

While searching for a way to pay for classes, I stumbled upon Human capital contracts which are the newest resource in paying for higher education. Basically, investors (companies) would agree to pay for your education in return for a percentage of your future income over a fixed period of time which is scaled to your wages.

Who would want to sponsor a “30 something” mother of 4 (with a felony on her record) that they know nothing about?
Sponsors are usually family members.  That’s laughable because half of my family have died off and my mom doesn’t have a job, she is disabled and lives on SS. My dad, who was “Helpy Helperton”, passed away unexpectedly 4 years ago. So…my chances of actually going to college are slim to none until I get the time to get my GED so I can get as many grants as possible.

Luckily I wasn’t stupid enough to mess around with drugs because once you have a drug conviction, you’re screwed. They won’t give you any kind of grant of financial aid or loans. There is still a glimmer of hope for me. I just need to find some Company Sponsors who will benefit off of my witty talent and get my GED and then maybe I can get my shit together…not just for me, but for my wonderful kids who deserve a better life.

And that’s that.

Feel free to become a sponsor 🙂 LOL


2 thoughts on “Human Capital Contracts – College Fund Sponsor

  1. You just hit the ball out of the park on what’s wrong not just with the American education system, but with our whole Prison Industrial Complex approach to crime as well. You can’t get FSA; even if you did get FSA you’re now in your 40s and a “four year” liberal arts education usually takes 6 years to get, so you’d be pushing 50 before you could start your new career with your BA, and well over 50 if you need an MA or Ph.D to do what you want to do. And, as you said, that doesn’t address the problem your criminal record in trying to find post-graduate employment. IMHO, if you’ve worked hard enough to achieve a BA or better as a “non-standard student”, your felony conviction should be proven pretty much irrelevant, if not just expunged from your records. But that’s probably just me.

    I also agree with you on the whole family support thing. The American system of funding college is so totally screwed it leaves we who are part of the growing number of middle aged folks who need to retrain completely out in the cold. Technically, we’re supposed to be too old for that. But a quick look around at the websites that aggregate education grants and scholarships will prove the opposite. 90% are focused on “high school seniors” or “recent graduates” and want you to write some kind of cheezy 18 year old style “what I want to do with my life” kind of essay to apply. 99% require you to attend “an accredited U.S. college.” Translation: They want your education dollars to go to support the rather ridiculous U.S. liberal arts approach to high education, which does far more to line the pockets of school bureaucrats that it has ever done to provide people with the supposed “well rounded education” they claim to provide. It’s basically and excuse to force people to pay 2/3rds more for their education than the 1/3rd they should pay to get the education they need to function in the profession to which they’re aspiring. Don’t believe me, look at Europe.

    A B.A. (hons.) from a UK college is equivalent to a masters degree in the U.S. just based on the number of credit hours required to achieve it alone! Yet it takes only 3 years to earn. In some select schools the UK is now playing with reducing that to an 18 month intensive, just to get people into the work force. They can do it because the curriculum is focused entirely on training students in their profession. You don’t have to take “music appreciation” or “underwater basket weaving” “and introduction to the American Government” to get your degree. Eliminate the whole liberal arts mess, and things get much simpler and cheaper.

    Anyway. You set me off. Being somewhat in the same boat myself, I feel your frustration.

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