My Own Words Made Me Cry: WordPress & Internet Scams

That seemed to do the trick last post..Just put “WordPress” in the title. LOL

So, today I sent a proposal for a job.
In conversation, I was asked why I quit my business.

My response: I was forced to. I’ve never been rewarded for my talent, only punished.

That made me shed a tear.

It’s true. I have so many self taught talents from 1997 to now and I started an adult business online.

Go here to read about that:

And so, the climb begins to put my talent to use. Good use.
It’s been a rough road so far. But I’m willing to jump all the hurdles and criticism there is to be successful.

However, I won’t be sucked into any scams online to be successful.

So far I have been sent $2700 in money orders that turned out to be fake.
Thank God I had knowledge of this scam already and didn’t get burned.
These people had the balls to do this to someone who told them they were a mother of 4 children AND right before Christmas.
No One is invincible to this scam. NO ONE. I cannot believe these idiots had the odacity to try to rip me off, knowing I was looking for a job right before the Holidays. They didn’t care if they took the last dollar in my account. They didn’t care if my children were starving or not.

And now….I’m being faced with Mark Ling’s AffiloJetPack.

Another eLance scam? I think so.

So, naturally…I do an internet search on Scams for this guy. What do I find?

I find that I am talented in sniffing out the marketing scams, such as Squeeze pages and fake press release pages and fake review pages for this guy. All marketing tactics. Do a search on “Mark Ling’s AffiloJetPack”. 99% of what you see is marketing strategies for his program. None of those reviews are real. It’s a part of the marketing for this product. Does his program really work?

I don’t know. And I’ll never have the extra $500 laying around to find out.

But if there’s one thing I learned on eLance, it’s the PR pages and reviews and squeeze pages all help your buisiness but it also tells me that you can’t believe half of the stuff you read out there. Let this be a warning. To you and you and you and definitely you reading this.

3 thoughts on “My Own Words Made Me Cry: WordPress & Internet Scams

  1. I found your story in Scams Daily Newws, and you are right to pount out there are a lot of fake statements on the web. I just wanted to tell your story has been picked up (but it is hard to read you fonts).
    Jon, Editor

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