I feel like I’m going in blindfolded…

Microsoft Web Platform
WordPress Websites

The list goes on and on.

I have been making my own websites since 1997.
I remember, and I’ll never forget, back in 97 I was actually afraid to do business with the Internet. LMAO! Yeah, imagine that. And now, our world revolves around the Internet. I was actually afraid to answer the phone calls that were coming in from the internet. And they were dominating the local calls.

At the time, I was advertising locally, in the local newspaper. That’s where I did most of my business. Much to my surprise, the 1st customer I took from the internet was the last time I advertised in the local paper.

I’ll never forget it.

I made TRIPLE the amount of money on that 1st internet customer than I did in the paper. It was amazing. And now…all these years later, and 2 years of not being online, I have fallen WAY behind. They don’t even use Frontpage anymore. The extensions are hosted on an ancient server. LOL So now…I must familiarize myself with all the new toys online used to create a website.

Marketing has been a nightmare. I think I’ll leave that to the pros.


Speak Your Peace!

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