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I’m still searching 🙂

I have a million prospects, however, there is so much competition and being that I’m a new member, my level was just at 1, but I looked at it yesterday and I was at level 4. I wonder how the level is determined. I am currently working 1 project for a marketing campaign. I am trying to land the perfect Virtual Assistant job.
Speaking of Virtual Assistance…I applied to a VA job about a week ago. It ended up that I was competeing against 107 other applicants.
After the job had closed, I received an email from the employer saying I got the job! I was ecstatic! It paid $20/hr and it was an indefinite position!

 After I emailed my acceptance, I got another email explaining the job, it had a contact name, busines name and a telephone #.
They told me I would recieve some money for my small office expenses etc..I was ecstatic but curious about the business, so I googled it.

Gotta love Google.

SCAMMER! RIPOFF! Great. I sulked all evening that night.

I thought that being on eLance would protect me from scam jobs. I was wrong. I contacted eLance to report the violation.
Not even two days later, guess what came Fed Ex? $2700 in money orders. I almost pissed my pants. But knowing it was fromthat job posting, I knew the money orders were bad. I immediately contacted MoneyGram and I was right. The mO’s had been cashed a month earlier. I was SOOO pissed that these people are doing this to others at Christmas time! My profile states I have 4 children. How DARE these assholes try to scam me. And what about the other 107 applicants? I hope none of them fell for it.

I stared at those money orders for probably 2 hours, just thinking about what I could have done with that money for Christmas. And also thinking if I was as stupid as they thought I was, how totally FUCKED I would be right now had I followed their directions and cashed the MO’s.

Lesson Learned. And the moral of this story is:
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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2 thoughts on “Scam Jobs on

  1. Hi,
    I just got scammed on Elance by a client named Mark Rollag.He has 11 jobs posted and 7 awarded but hasn’t payed
    a dollar so far and Elance lets him continue to post.
    He convinced me he doesn’t know how Elance payment system works so I worked for a whole week and didn’t get paid.I gave him benefit of a doubt because he has a company called XTDirect and the web page.My advice is to always ask for the client to allow you to download Work view tracker and have it set on Auto pay (if the status instead of Auto pay is ”Not ready” Elance doesn’t cover you).I kept all the e-mails we exchanged,where he clearly states he is satisfied with my work and the last one where he says he can pay me anytime I want because he is a good and honest man.But when I tried to get the exact date and method of payment,I got no response.There is not much I can do now since I didn’t use the Work view tracker.I did contact Elance support and asked them why they allow such clients to post and award jobs but never actually pay anything.All I got was some stupid formal response.So be careful with hourly jobs.

    • Ouch. I’m sorry you got duped. eLance does basically require you to use work-tracker for this purpose but I understand, and I’m guilty as well, sometimes you want to trust a person. I worked for a week for free as well. No more though. I will always use the work tracker.. Good luck to you.

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