eLance.com & wordpress

So I’ve found a new hobby called eLance.com.

Have you heard of it? I found it recently while looking for online jobs. Much to my surprise, I joined, surfed a few jobs in the first day of being a member and landed my 1st job the first day. It wasn’t a great long term job. But it was enough for me to earn $50 for 5 hours of work. I searched for models on MySpace and recorded their contact information for the employer. That’s it.

Wahla. Fifty Bucks.

I’m learning a lot on that website. More so how inexperienced I am than I truly thought I was. The jobs posted vs. what I can actually do is laughable. LOL And I thought I was an online expert at anything. It’s pretty sad how fast technology is growing everyday. One must be constantly learning everything there is to know about online marketing, SEO, and the ultimate, iPhone apps. Ohhhh how I wish I knew how to make those. I’d be a fucking millionaire right now.

I see a lot of Word press jobs. Funny I have a word press blog but when I see the jobs posted I have no fucking idea what they’re talking about. It’s like “What? I didn’t know you could do that with Word Press!”  Why haven’t I utilized all the tools on WP since I’ve been a member? I guess that’s what I’m getting at. If you have a word press blog, investigate, research and utilize. Investigate, research & utilize. Because apparently, I’m doing something wrong. If you know what you’re doing HERE, you should be THERE, on eLance, making money. Unlike me.



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