Photographess On Hold

I started this diary about a year ago and about 6 months ago my camera was stolen.
I was heartbroken. So I turned my energy into another venture, putting my photography on hold for now 😦

I also post on Facebook, and I quickly found out that even though it’s your friends that you add, it’s NOT the place to vent at all. I was hurt more by my friends, by a post I made, than complete strangers! It was unreal. So here I am, turning my photographess into a personal diary. Writing..It’s my therapy. And my advice to anyone out there…don’t do it on Facebook. That site should be called

My daughter is 16, she just turned 16 this past Sunday. When I was her age… I was a wild child. I put my mother through hell.
I didn’t get SHIT for my birthday, nor did I expect it. I was sad when I didn’t but you know. I didn’t deserve it.

MY 16-year-old is completely opposite of me. She does well in school…Is STILL IN school, GOES TO school, doesn’t have a steady boyfriend, has never fooled around, doesn’t do drugs but she does have a mouth on her. That’s all I can really say about her in a negative way.

Well…when Sunday came, her dad was supposed to drop her back off. He picked her up on Saturday for a party.
Sunday came and went…Monday came and went, Tuesday, Wednesday I was FURIOUS and I WENT LOOKING FOR HER. I knew where she was, but she wasn’t answering my calls. To her cell phone that I pay over $100 a month for in exchange for babysitting her 3 little siblings which she hasn’t done much of.

It hurt me SO bad that she was intentionally avoiding my calls to her because we just moved out of her school district (she begged me to prior) and she didn’t want to leave her friend’s house.

#1 She’s never avoided my calls.
#2 Her and I are VERY close.
#3 This is the 1st time she has done anything like this to me.

Ruined my day for her. HER big day that I never got because I was a bad child.
I wanted her to have what I did, as with all of my children.
But, she ruined it. Ruined my trust, ruined our bond.

I learned real quick not to post that on Facebook, as my daughter’s faults were called my “Dirty Laundry.

Since when are children dirty laundry?
Obviously those who call it that don’t have a teen.
So keep your mouth shut. I don’t need your detergent.


Speak Your Peace!

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